5 tips for writing a blog that everyone wants to read


Your blog is a powerful marketing tool. It’s not only a great way of keeping content on your site fresh and engaging, it’s also a great vehicle for driving visitors to your website and therefore improving your SEO. Despite it’s many benefits, it can become quite challenging to continue feeding interesting content to your audience on a regular basis. To help make the process a little easier, we’ve compiled a few of our top tips for writing frequent, engaging and enticing posts that will keep your readers coming back for more.

5 Top Tips for writing (and maintaining) a fabulous blog

  1. Know your blog’s purpose. Why did you want to begin writing a blog in the first place? Was it to drive traffic to your website? Increase social media followers? To gain yourself status as a thought leader and industry expert? Whatever your objective, make sure you know exactly what you are working towards and continue to keep that in the forefront of your mind without straying.
  2. Create an editorial calendar. Avoid posting too often, clogging up people’s news feeds and becoming a bit of a pest! Give yourself a reasonable target such as a couple of posts a week and plan what you are going to discuss. A structured approach will enable you to prepare interesting and informative posts in good time, with subject matter actually worth talking about.
  3. Identify your audience. Once you know who you are appealing to, your style should adapt accordingly. That being said, I think it’s quite effective to write blogs as though you’re talking to your audience face-to-face, in a casual, more relaxed conversation…Just like this.
  4. Choose quality over quantity. Five sentences of purposeful, interesting content wins over five paragraphs of gibberish any day of the week. Valuable content will guarantee returning visitors which in turn will inspire you to continue blogging. Be concise and relevant!
  5. Connect, connect, connect. Posting your blog on social media is a great way of encouraging interaction between yourself and your audience and also for connecting with like-minded professionals that may also share your content among their own pool of connections.

If you’d like a little more advice on how to get your blog up and running or even how to reinvent your existing communications, get in touch!