Content marketing – What is it and why should we all be doing it?


In a few recent meetings, I’ve been asked – What is content marketing? And are we really missing out by not doing it? So, for those of you who hear this term being blurted out all of the time but have no idea what it is – This article is for you.

In short, content marketing is the name given to any free marketing material that you produce, offering something of value to your intended audience, while also attracting them to your business and of course your products and services. And, as many marketers would agree – Yes, you’d definitely be missing a trick by not doing it.

When we say content of value, we mean something of worth to the reader, viewer or listener. Some examples of content marketing are videos, blogs, infographics, guides, books, case studies, newsletters, podcasts, research, the list goes on. The content that you choose to share will ultimately educate your audience about your business, while creating a sense of familiarity with your brand, thereby making your audience feel as though they know you a little bit better and that they can trust to do business with you.

Content marketing actually does a lot more than just promote your business. Depending on the type of industry in which you operate, this form of marketing is a huge step in the buying process. For example, an individual buying a new car may visit a dealer’s website and watch a video demonstration of a vehicle sitting out on their forecourt, which may also go on to discuss the payment options available and why consumers should choose that dealer over others.

Some forms of content marketing may not only encourage the consumer to visit a dealer (keeping with this example), but the consumer may have made the decision to purchase the car before even having spoken to a sales representative – Which just shows the power that content marketing can have, if done correctly.

Content marketing is growing incredibly fast, we’re seeing more and more businesses turn to producing white papers, memes and other forms of informative content that really are both valuable and highly influential. If this is something you’d like to see your business doing more of but are lacking in-house resource, get in touch today!