Feeling disheartened? Build brand loyalty in 4 simple steps

brand loyalty

Are you giving your existing and future customers enough reason to remain loyal to you? There’s lots you can be doing in order to create your community of brand ambassadors, some of which you’ll think seem quite obvious – So the question is…why aren’t you doing them?

So, here’s just 4 of the things you could be doing in order to grow your community of devotees:

  1. Be honest and transparent. If you commit to saying that your next software release will be available in June, make sure it is! If, for any reason you’re unable to keep to that promise, be sure to communicate this with your customers and prospects as soon as possible. Don’t leave them in the lurch wondering what’s going on – They may feel a little disappointed that they have to wait a longer for their software upgrade, but they’ll appreciate you thinking of them and informing them of the situation, before they have to pick up the phone and approach you for some answers.
  2. Engage frequently. There are so many wonderful tools for effective engagement in today’s world of marketing, so there’s no excuse for not maintaining some level of communication with your prospects. Whether it be e-shots, newsletters, social media updates or blog posts. Sharing valuable content will engage your audience but trying to do so on an emotional level will earn you extra bonus points, so be sure to personalise your messages.
  3. Let them hear a story, not a sales pitch. Uncover your company’s values and goals in your communications, reveal the masterminds that work behind the scenes and show some personality… but avoid the sales spiel, it can be very off-putting.
  4. Reward their loyalty. Loyalty programmes, coupons, vouchers, you name it – More brands are learning that rewarding customer loyalty with a token of appreciation will generate further custom while also working nicely to create a sense of value and gratitude once again in the eye of the customer.