How to expand your social media reach

how to expand your social media reach

Ever wondered how so many businesses have hit the 1000k+ follower threshold when you’ve barely reached triple digits? First of all, don’t be discouraged if it’s taking you a while to build your company’s social following, we’re definitely big believers in quality rather than quantity in this case – bad followers can be harmful to both your brand image and your SEO score.

There are, however, lots of things you could be doing to get your brand on the social radar let the world know that your company exists!

  1. Share content on your personal profile. By simply retweeting or reposting content from your business page and onto your personal pages can work wonders! You never know who may be interested to learn about what it is you’re up to. They may even be kind enough to share your post with their friends and so on, expanding your post’s reach significantly!
  1. Make sure there are links to your social profiles on your website. Although fairly simple, you’d be surprised how often this can be overlooked. Even putting social links in email signatures and on all advertising can work wonders.
  1. Post to groups. LinkedIn is a great place to network with other like-minded professionals in industry specific groups. Posting relevant content into these groups will often lead to interested individuals taking a peak at your profile and even following your company page if they’re a fan of the content you’ve shared.
  1. Use images. Social media is a very hectic place to be right now and it’s only going to get busier! If you’re not already including images in all of your posts, no doubt your posts are struggling to compete against other more instantly appearing visual posts. When it comes to social, images are just as important as the post itself.
  1. Use relevant hashtags. Twitter and Instagram posts can go viral with the right hashtags. Don’t go hashtag crazy though, make sure you stay relevant!

If you’re looking for more advice or help with growing your social media organically, head over to our contact page!