Save time & money – repurpose your content!


We know all too well that producing great content to drive traffic to your website, ramp up those social media followers and generate leads is a time consuming task – but what if we were to tell you there’s a way of making sure your precious time, effort and money (if you outsource) could stretch a whole lot further?

We’re talking about repurposing! When you write a blog, for example, do you say job done and move on to the next thing on your to-do list? Or do you think about other ways of using that wonderfully written content to generate more traction? If not, you should be. We encourage all of our customers to reuse the amazing pieces of content they’ve already invested in in order to achieve its maximum potential.

For example, a simple blog post can be transformed, with a little extra work, into an engaging webinar that discusses the topic in a little more detail whilst encouraging others to interact with the subject. You can even rework your words of wisdom into a visually engaging infographic or jig the wording around a little to create a compelling script for a video or animation.

We recently created a wonderful infographic for a customer to be used within a flyer for an event. We then reused the content as part of a gated online campaign in order to create a list of subscribers. The infographic has also been placed onto our client’s website, into their marketing collateral and even a blog post – all great pieces of content that have been the result of one initial investment. An infographic full of amazing facts and statistics, for example, can even be dissected further into engaging, highly valuable social media posts to really reinforce your messaging and drive up a follower base.

If you’re currently producing your own marketing content, consider ways in which you can reuse items in order to maximise their potential and really reap the benefits – not only will this save you a great deal of time, effort and money, no doubt you’ll generate even more traction and potential sales too.

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