Tone of Voice: Is Your Brand Likeable?

Tone of voice: Is your brand likeable?

Sometimes we’re so focused on what it is we’re trying to say, that we completely forget about how we’re actually saying it. From the type of language that we choose to use, through to the type of character that we try to take on – it all comes under the ‘tone of voice’ umbrella and ultimately affects the way in which people choose to view our brand. While some choose to take on a playful persona, others may prefer a more serious approach – either way, your tone of voice is just as important as any other branding exercise you undertake and should be applied to everything you do.

Let your personality shine through

For us, tone of voice is all about personality and humanising your brand so that it is more than just a company – it’s relatable and it’s likeable. The most successful and well remembered brands are those built upon a strong, consistent personality which ultimately leads to trust being gained. We’re highly unlikely to form a connection with a business that comes across stale, robotic and disengaged.

We’re talking about all communications

We’re not just referring to the language you’ve used in your recent sales pitch, we’re talking about every single piece of communication that takes place between your brand and your audience. This could be the language on your website, on social media, in emails, on telephone calls, in the office, in meetings, in brand videos, letters – the full works. Every single communication needs to be said in such a way that it identifies the character of your brand and the personality that your business is built upon.

Consistency is key

Your next question is probably going to sound something like, “how can we ensure that everyone within the business is able to take on our brand’s tone of voice?”. If your business has a set of brand guidelines which outlines exactly how to use your company logo, font and colours, it should also have a page dedicated to the brands tone of voice so that all employees, particularly those that are communicating with the outside world, can familiarise themselves with. If you haven’t actually sat down and considered what you’d like your brand’s tone to be, now’s the time to do it. Don’t forget, consistency is key!